The Image Marketing Plan

Why do so many businesses fail when they could have flourished?

Because less than 3% of businesses put pen to paper and develop a plan.

Business owners are so busy working IN their business that they fail to work ON their business regularly.

Running your own business is daunting, costly and even a little overwhelming. The constant labour of purchasing, staffing, accounts payable and receivable, Human Resources, and rostering can be incredibly time-consuming.

In the day-to-day running of a business, marketing becomes one of the last things business owners think about. Sadly, this is why businesses often find themselves floundering.

For lack of a sustainable business model, too many owners close their doors far too early. An effective and realistic marketing plan makes all the difference.

And, it doesn’t have to be complex.

A marketing plan will:

  • Provide CLARITY on your business, customers, competitors and your product/service
  • Set clear GOALS for your business and your staff for the year
  • Give you an understanding of the TOOLS you need for the coming year
  • Outline a BUDGET that factors in costs to develop and implement your plan
  • Gives you a BENCHMARK to review your results and plan for the years to come

How is our Image Marketing Plan different?

The Image Marketing Plan has been developed and implemented in many small and medium sized businesses over many years.

Essentially, by merging the important aspects of both the Business Plan and Marketing Plan, we can provide a simple daily management tool that doesn’t use up your valuable time.

It will, however, track your business growth, set benchmarks and goals, and help you manage your budget.

A marketing plan is an essential tool for every business owner. If you don’t have one yet, contact us today for a chat about how the Image Marketing Plan can help you.

Beat your competitors and become part of the 3%.

Contact us today to find out how.