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How a Marketing Plan will help your Business?

Understanding the Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan for your business is just like using google maps to get directions. Your plan is a roadmap that will take your business from where you are today to where you want it to be in the future.

As small business owners, we all have grand plans for our businesses, but only a very small percentage of us have put pen to paper and written it down to understand how to get from A to Z, and this is one of the fundamental reasons why small businesses don’t last.

So why is having a marketing plan so important?

Your plan will outline your strategies, tactics and costs to deliver on your businesses quantifiable objectives for the year ahead.

These objectives must be quantifiable and have deadlines. For example, you want to increase your leads by 15% in the first quarter of FY19.

Your objectives will give you the results you want to achieve in the year ahead, but a marketing plan will provide you the ‘How’ and ‘How Much’ to get you there.

What do I need to include?

A comprehensive marketing plan can take time to develop and implement. It’s also more like a paperweight if you’re running a small business. You’ll produce it – or have someone do it for you at a great expense – and likely NEVER LOOK AT IT AGAIN.

For an example of one such marketing plan ‘template’, one state government agency has a template that’s 51 pages long!

With the Image Marketing Plan, we will not only help you develop an achievable and manageable marketing plan but will walk through it with you so you will have the skills to update it when required.

But don’t worry, Image Marketing won’t be far away. We’ll be on-hand for any questions and assistance, to help you along the way.

If you give a person a fish, you’ll feed them for a day.
If you teach that person to fish, you’ll feed them for a lifetime.

Want to know more?

At Image Marketing, we’ve been assisting small businesses and retailers for over a decade. Get in touch today for a no-obligation discussion or have a look at our Image Marketing Plan template.

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