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Not all Social Platforms were Created Equally

10 Tips to help you navigate through the Social Media Jungle

Are you considering using social media for your business? Not sure where to start?

Before you make any decisions on which social media channel or channels you’re going to tackle, here are our 10 tips to get you on your way.

Tip 1 – Not all social media platforms are equal
Each social media platform is different and has their own positives and negatives. While Facebook is the most widely known and used, it might not be the platform that with provides you with the right audience or outcomes.

Tip 2 – Why are you joining social media?
Start with a plan. It doesn’t have to be 30 pages long, but have a good idea why you want to use it – just because everyone else is, isn’t a good enough reason. Do you want to grow your customers? Are you looking to sell more products? Do you want to share your messages? Have a good understanding as to why you’re going to use social media and what you want out of it.

Tip 3 – Who is going to manage your page/s?
Social media is an immediate platform that requires constant management and communication. Do you have the time to commit to the platform or platforms you’ve chosen? Where are you going to get your content from? How often are you going to add a post, video, link or photo? Who is going to be responding to comments?

Tip 4 – Plan your content
Understanding your audience is extremely important. Does your audience like videos or photos? What type of information do they respond to? Where are you getting your content from? What percentage is created and what percentage is curated? How much is evergreen content? What type of content works on the different social media platforms? Facebook will be different to LinkedIn will be different to Snapchat will be different to Twitter will be different to Instagram …… and so on. Understand what works well in which location.

Tip 5 – Plan your content frequency
Now that you have a good idea of what you’d like to use and what will work across the different platforms, think about how often you’ll need to publish content. For Instagram will it be twice a day? Where will you get this content from? For LinkedIn you’re more likely to write blog content and publish once per week, what will you write about?

Tip 6 – Create a calendar
By creating a calendar of what content will be published across each of your platforms, will help you to understand how much time you’re going to need to dedicate to contact creation. If you choose just one social media platform, you can map out when you’re going to publish X content and when you’re going to publish Y content. Then overlay local, state and national holidays and events into your calendar – which will give you more content and give you a better picture of when you can publish.

Tip 7 – Committing Time to Social Media
Think long and hard about whether you’re going to dedicate the time, energy, resources and the budget into social media. You’re much better to start it off right and maintain it that start off poorly, without a plan – or direction. If you can’t commit consider talking with a social media expert. It’s more likely that you’ll end up with better results.

Tip 8 – How to deal with the negative reviews
I could write for hours on this topic. Many of my clients have held off from using social media for their business because they’re nervous about the negative people and the negative reviews. You’re always going to have the negativity. It’s out there and it’s likely to find you, but it’s up to you on how you respond. Develop a Social Media Crisis Management Plan so that everyone in your organisation understands how to respond to certain scenarios. Talk with an expert for assistance.

Tip 9 – Organic or Paid?
Are you going to ‘keep it organic’ or are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and start advertising through your preferred social media platform/s? With every day that passes, you’re more and more likely to get better results on social media when you allocate marketing dollars to social media. While you can reach goals through organic traffic and content, it will take longer and longer and longer to reach your goals than it will by putting a few dollars towards advertising on the platform.

Tip 10 – Review, Revise, Assess
There’s no point in jumping into the world of social media if you’re not going to measure your performance against your goals. Many people will just ‘keep going’ without reviewing if the content is engaging or assisting to achieve the objectives you set out before starting their journey into the world of social media. Review your results, review the comments and review and reassess your content regularly.

To get started, download your FREE content planner here.

If you’ve still got questions and need assistance with deciding which social media platform to tackle first, email us TODAY.

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